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Fake Cab Driver Dennis Hewlett Prosecuted in Eastleigh

Eastleigh Borough Council has prosecuted a fake cab driver who was pretending to be a licensed private hire taxi driver. The bogus cab driver Dennis Hewlett was caught using chequered stickers to trick potential customers of thinking that they are riding in a private hire vehicle. He was also using no-smoking signs in the front […]

100 Taxi Drivers Have Been Arrested for Drink or Drug-Driving Charges in Less Than a Year

A 100th taxi driver has been arrested for drink or drug driving charges on Merseyside in less than a year. Roads Policing Unit Merseyside announced yesterday in a tweet that the “unfortunate milestone” had been reached, the tweet also included an image of a vehicle but the number plate was blurred. The statistics include both […]

Thirty Charging Points Planned in North Staffordshire to Urge Cabbies

Thirty charging points have been planned to set for electric taxis across North Staffordshire to encourage cabbies to buy more eco-friendly electric vehicles. Taxi Infrastructure Investment Fund has funded the Local authorities by more than £78,000. Now, the authorities will create ten points initially in there with our thirty points planned in total.   Currently, […]

London Bridge Blocked as Drivers Continue to Protest Over Congestion Charges

On Monday, the minicab and private hire drivers blocked London Bridge as part of their ongoing congestion charges protests against the London mayor. The protesters claimed that because of the policy of London administration they are taking nearly 25% fewer wages to their home. According to the drivers, it’s unfair to exempt all the black […]




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