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Glasgow Uber Driver Banned Over Ability to Speak English

Glasgow Uber Driver Banned Over Ability to Speak English

An Uber driver was banned over his ability to speak English as Glasgow licensing chiefs banned him for pirating.


Glasgow City Council’s licensing committee suspended Asim Latif when he tried to pick someone up off the street who hasn’t ­pre-booked a lift. The licence was terminated when he appeared before Glasgow City Council’s licensing committee.


According to the reports, the driver Latif had been approached by a group of four people while parked in Hope Street. The group claimed that the private hire driver had asked about their destination and how much they would be willing to pay. Driver Latif was offered £12 to take them to the East End, but he refused, saying he would do it for £25.


After a lengthy hearing at Glasgow City Council, the councillors decided to suspend his licence for the unexpired portion of its duration, following worries over his conduct and level of English.


A few weeks ago, the Glasgow City Council’s licensing committee decided that all the taxi and private hire drivers in the city will be tested on their English skills before they can take passengers.


Due to Mr Latif’s poor English, the Uber driver’s brother requested that he will address the committee on his behalf, saying that Mr Latif would not take a job without prior booking as he works for Uber.


Licensing convener Alex Wilson asked Mr Latif to take him to the city chambers to Hope Street which he was unable to understand.


When Mr Latif was unable to answer, the convener said: “Okay, I think that’s sufficient enough for me.”


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