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London Bridge Blocked as Drivers Continue to Protest Over Congestion Charges

London Bridge Blocked as Drivers Continue to Protest Over Congestion Charges

On Monday, the minicab and private hire drivers blocked London Bridge as part of their ongoing congestion charges protests against the London mayor. The protesters claimed that because of the policy of London administration they are taking nearly 25% fewer wages to their home. According to the drivers, it’s unfair to exempt all the black cabs from congestion tax and imposing the tax on poor taxi drivers who are already living hand to mouth.


The protest was called by UPHD and IWGB in which thousands of private hire drivers participated and vowed to repeat the demonstration every Monday for the sake of their survival. According to the Transport for London’s conducted analysis, 71% of TFL,s licensed cab drivers are from the deprived area, and 94% of them belongs to the BAME group, whereas 80% of black cab drivers who are having an exemption from congestion charges are white.


The crowd in the protest was more loud and intense as they were outraged because of the complete ignorance by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, who isn’t in a mood of talking or negotiation. Yaseen Aslam, Secretary of the IWGB’s UPHD branch, said: “We want the Mayor to come to the table and listen to us, until then, we are left with no choice but to further escalate our protests.” However, Transport For London has insisted the move is necessary to clean up the capital’s dirty air.

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