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Taxi Driver Blinded After Thug Smashed His Eye With a Metal Pole

Taxi Driver Blinded After Thug Smashed His Eye With a Metal Pole

A taxi driver has been left blinded in one eye after a thug struck him brutally in the face with a metal pole which disrupted his eyeball.


Taxi driver, Ali Begzada had to go through surgery but was told by the doctors that he would never regain the sight in his left eye which also means he can no longer work to support his family. “I am in pain 24 hours a day,” said the victim, Ali Begzada in a statement read out at Cardiff Crown Court.


The suspect, Noor Hussain denied the inflicting grievous bodily harm provided to the driver, but he was found guilty following a trial.


The sad incident happened on the evening of 28th May, last year in Cardiff. Mr Ali Begzada was standing by his vehicle outside a kebab shop where he was talking to a friend when a group of boys at the shop, one of them stayed with the bikes, and the rest were gone inside.


According to the court, some bikes were missing from the home of the defendant’s friend, and they were also out to find them. As Mr Begzada was standing near the bikes, the defendant confronted him and then struck him with a metal pole in the face thinking that he is the one who is responsible for the stolen bikes.


Mr Begzada said the strike was like an electric shock and he could not remember anything about the incident. Hussain immediately put the pole back in the car like no one else seen him striking the pole.


Hussain was sentenced for ten years jail, and he must serve half of that in custody before being released on licence.

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