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Taxi Drivers Working All Night Are Being Robbed and Dealing with Runners

Taxi Drivers Working All Night Are Being Robbed and Dealing with Runners

The Frustrated taxi drivers from Teesside have said their job is now making them ill. Despite working all night to make something for themselves, they are also forced to deal with robbers and runners. The driver, who did not want to be named, told he is in a deep poverty trap now and has to work 40 hours just to feed his children and family.


The taxi driver demands city council to cap the number of private hire vehicles on roads after he revealed how he was digging himself into the debt and struggling to feed his family. He further added that: “the new private hire vehicles are coming every day on the road who are making life difficult for other fellow drivers. Now, we are having more competition which forces us to low down the prices.”


Many drivers and industry related people have posted their respect and support for the driver on social media. A few of them said that taxis are now a type of emergency service which is playing its part to run the country. Another driver confessed on social media that he is also working 70 hours and seven days per week, just to overcome his financial needs.


Another ex-driver said that leaving the taxi industry fifteen years ago was the best decision of his life. And he further added, “people should appreciate what taxi drivers do for themselves, I am feeling so sad for this driver.”

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