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Uber Will Soon Ban Passengers for Below Average Ratings

Uber Will Soon Ban Passengers for Below Average Ratings

The ride-sharing giant Uber has threatened to ban passengers who behave badly in their cars. In the current Uber rating system, drivers are able to rate passengers and give them a star rating based on how they behaved in the back of their vehicles.


In an announcement, the ride-sharing app has vowed to give people the boot if they continue to behave badly in the back of the vehicles. Naughty behaviour could include being rude to the driver, leaving rubbish behind or encourage the driver to break the speed limit.


Every customer with a lower rating will be given a chance to improve their score, but if the user refuses to change the attitude hence they will be banned from Uber and they will have to find some other way to reach home from work.


According to an Uber official, riders may lose access to Uber if they develop a significantly below average profile. We will help riders to improve their ratings by sending them valuable tips. Many riders probably aren’t aware of the fact that the driver can rate them just as they are rating the drivers.


Uber always reports ratings as averages, and neither riders nor drivers see the individual rating of a particular trip.


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