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Warning Issued for All Private Hire Drivers Over Correct Company Signage

Warning Issued for All Private Hire Drivers Over Correct Company Signage

All the Private hire drivers are being warned that they could face sanctions and massive fines for not displaying company signs on their vehicles as council bosses are on a mission to protect their passengers.


Colchester Council‘s strict rules for licensed drivers state that all the private hire drivers must display the company logo they work for on the doors of their vehicles. To avoid confusion, they also need to mention information as to whether it is a private hire which can only be pre-booked.


In the last year, 34 drivers were caught by Colchester Council for not displaying the correct signs of their company. In this year, the Council has found 29 drivers so far which forced Council bosses to impose new regulations.


The Drivers can receive up to six points on their licence if they fall foul of the rules twice and may get a 28-day suspension upon collecting 12 points in a single year. Repeated breaches of the regulations can also send insurance costs spiralling for drivers.


Council’s Member Mike Lilley said the Council was concerned to see drivers continually ignoring the rules which were necessary for the safety of the people. The new regulations are designed to protect the citizens and reassure customers they are getting into a legitimate vehicle they ordered.

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